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Update 1/15/21

COVID-19 Vaccine Available for Utahns ages 70+ at the Utah Department of Health

COVID has been a difficult pandemic for us all. We know you, as older adults, have been especially affected as you are at highest risk of significant complications and death from COVID. We are excited to start having access to a vaccine to protect our community against this illness. When the vaccine was first made available we, as healthcare workers, were offered the first opportunity to get immunized. Our providers and staff were very excited about this opportunity and most of us have received our first dose now. We are excited for our patients to start getting access to the vaccine as well.

Beginning on Monday, January 18th COVID vaccine will be available for those ages 70+ at our local health department. Canyon View Medical Group does not have any vaccine.

We have done everything we can to get this vaccine to offer to our patients at our clinics, but for the time being the state has decided to manage this process themselves through the health departments. When the state does decide to distribute vaccine to clinics we will let our patients know. In the meantime we encourage everyone to contact your local health department and get vaccinated.

There has been a lot of information and discussion about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. We want you to know as your healthcare providers that we feel these vaccines are safe and effective. Most of us have been vaccinated ourselves. We encourage you to get vaccinated. The state has prepared a good website with lots of information about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. We encourage you to check out this reliable information at https://coronavirus.utah.gov/vaccine-information/.

To get your vaccine, please contact the health department. You must schedule your appointment ahead of time. Do not just show up without an appointment, as each local health department may have a different process for registration. All local health departments are experiencing a high volume of calls and website traffic as demand for the COVID-19 vaccine is high. Please understand they can only distribute as many vaccines as they receive each week, and that appointments are filling up quickly. Everyone who wants the vaccine will get it over time.

Utah County Health Departmenthttps://health.utahcounty.gov/2020/12/20/covid-19-vaccine/

Central Utah Public Health Departmenthttp://centralutahpublichealth.org/
Juab County: 435-623-0696
Sanpete County: 435-462-2449 or 435-835-2231
Millard County: 435-743-5723 or 435-864-3612
Piute County: 435-577-2521
Wayne County: 435-836-1317
Sevier County: 435-896-5451

Other Health Departmentshttps://coronavirus.utah.gov/vaccine-distribution/#lhd

This vaccine is given in a 2 dose series. When you get your first dose you will be told which vaccine you received and when you need to get your second dose. Make sure you get this second dose as well. The full effectiveness of the vaccine is only achieved with 2 doses.

Again, we strongly encourage you to get this vaccine. We know it will literally be a lifesaver for our patients who are 70 and older as they are the most at risk for significant complications and death from this terrible illness.

Update 1/13/21

We are very excited for our community to receive COVID vaccine. Many of our employees have already received their first dose of COVID vaccine. We have completed the enrollment process with the state health department so that when they decide to begin distributing vaccine to clinics we are prepared to receive it and offer it to our patients. Currently, they are conducting vaccination clinics at the local health departments. We will let our patients know when we receive vaccine from the state so that we can begin offering it at our clinics.

For more information on COVID vaccine distribution please visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/vaccine-distribution/.

Update 10/29/20

Canyon View Medical Group has taken the Stay Safe Stay Open pledge. We follow state health guidelines to show we care for and appreciate our customers and to protect our community and our economy. We practice the seven habits as outlined in the Utah Leads Together plan.

Learn more at stayopenutah.com

Update 10/24/20

Utah recently made changes to its Coronavirus website. You can learn more about those changes as well as other COVID-19 resources helpful in our community.

On October 15th the state of Utah changed from the color-coded risk categorization to instead a data-driven transmission index:


This new methodology is based on specific metrics to track how much COVID is spreading within each county. Guidelines for behaviors for businesses and individuals in those counties are then dependent upon what level of transmission is currently happening in their area. This is a much more specific and quantifiable set of metrics than the previous color-coded system when the decision to move between one color and the other was not well defined. Currently, most of the state is experiencing high levels of transmission. Most concerning is the increase in hospitalizations. Canyon View has been overwhelmed with the amount of testing we have been doing in our Urgent Care at each of our Family Medicine locations, but when the hospitals and ICUs get overwhelmed there are much more dire consequences for patient safety and mortality.

The state provides a very useful Coronavirus Case Counts website:


This site lets you watch the trends of what is happening with people becoming infected with COVID-19.

To help you navigate the website you can watch their tutorial video:


The Utah County Health Department also maintains a website:


The site gives case counts on a city level basis. This is especially helpful to distinguish between cities that share zip codes.

Lastly, the Nebo School District has a website:


The school district site showcases counts by school so you can monitor what is happening in your child’s school. We encourage you to utilize these resources to keep track of what is happening in your community.

Canyon View Medical Group is committed to Caring for our Community. We are doing all we can to keep up with the demand for COVID testing at our facilities. We have increased our staffing and the number of providers available to help while we are experiencing this surge. We have also been working to streamline our processes to make things more efficient. We acknowledge there are some times that our wait times get longer than we would like. We apologize for this. Please be patient with us as we try to take care of everyone’s healthcare needs whether it is for COVID-related items or regular healthcare needs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a lot of fear of this new virus. This led to most people being willing to take extra precautions. However, as time has gone on, fear is being replaced by fatigue, and compliance with safety measures has waned. People are just sick of this. Unfortunately, this virus will only further exploit the fatigue and use our lack of vigilance to its advantage leading to further infection. Our public health officials tell they are seeing a significant rise in the number of cases coming from social gatherings. We encourage everyone to not let your guard down simply because you are with friends, neighbors, or extended family who you know and trust. Please remain vigilant about wearing a mask, washing your hands, and watching your distance. These are the most helpful things you can do to prevent the spread of infection.

Please visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/protect-yourself/ for further information on what you can do to protect yourself and your family members from COVID-19.

Update 6/9/20
Update 5/18/20

With the state’s move from orange to yellow alert level, we want to reaffirm that we will continue following policies to keep our facilities safe places to receive care:

  1. We are screening everyone at the door, including our employees, for symptoms, including a temperature check. If you have any COVID symptoms we will ask you to return to your vehicle and provide care in your vehicle.
  2. We are all wearing masks and will ask you to wear a mask as well. If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you.
  3. We ask that you limit guests that come with you.

We will continue these protocols, as directed by our public health officials, until it is deemed safe to return to “normal”. Thank you for your patience.

Update 4/3/20

There are now 3 ways to see your provider.


We have implemented protocols to make sure our patients can receive the care they need while remaining safe from infection.

Learn more…

Update 4/1/20

During this time of concerns related to COVID-19 we want to reassure all of our patients that we will be here to take care of your medical needs, whether they are related to concerns about coronavirus, ongoing chronic care management, well care, or urgent care. We have implemented protocols to make sure our patients can receive the care they need while at the same time remaining safe from infection.

We are doing this by screening all persons entering our facilities to make sure they don’t have any indications of COVID-19. If they do, we ask them to remain in their vehicles where we can assess their concerns and keep them isolated from others. This allows us to keep our facilities clean and safe for everyone to receive care.

We also offer virtual appointments via video so you can receive care from the comfort and safety of your home. There will always be a need for some visits to be done at our office, such as visits requiring physical examination or treatment, laboratory testing, or imaging. But many services can also be rendered via video such as:

  • Medication management/prescription renewal
  • Minor urgent care
  • pink eye, fevers, sinuses, etc.
  • Birth control counseling
  • Chronic condition management
  • Behavioral health
  • Post-hospital discharge, transition of care
  • Medicare wellness visit
  • And more

Ask your provider if a virtual visit would be appropriate for your condition. If not, we are still open to take care of your healthcare needs in person. We are here to care for our community.

The providers and staff of Canyon View Medical Group

Update 3/15/20

Dear Patients:

We are committed to doing our best to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, in our community, as well as other infectious diseases.

We recognize the concerns, instructions, and information about COVID-19 are unprecedented in most of our lives. This often brings fear and anxiety, but remember this advice and these recommendations are designed to try and slow the spread of this virus, so our health care system can continue to take care of all of our health care needs. The majority of our population will be no more affected by this virus than they are by the common cold, but we want to remain prepared to help those who are significantly affected and stay available to help with routine health care needs also.

With this as our goal, we ask that you follow the recommendations given by our local health department and the CDC, but to also assist us by following these practices:

  • If you have no symptoms but are concerned you may have been exposed; you should remain home and isolated for the time being. You can contact the local health department, or contact our office to see if you meet testing criteria.
  • If you have mild respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cough), without fever or shortness of breath, we ask that you stay home, rest, hydrate well, use safe and trusted over the counter treatments, and monitor your symptoms closely. You will most likely get better over the course of 1-2 weeks. If you become more ill as time progresses, please contact one of our clinics.
  • If you have more significant symptoms that include fever with shortness of breath, you may need more assessment for us to determine the best course of care. Please call our clinics for an assessment before coming into our office. We will need to determine whether your symptoms and exposure put you at risk for COVID-19 complications. This assessment may warrant us referring you to more emergent care and/or testing.
  • If you have shortness of breath and fever and have returned from China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, or Iran in the past 2 weeks, or been in close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, we may be able to help you arrange testing. Please call us first.

We are doing everything we can to keep our sick patients isolated from others, cleaning our facilities, and asking our staff to stay home if they are ill.

We will be implementing protocols to help us triage patients via telephone, allow patients to wait to be seen in their cars, and phone visits. Call us for details as these protocols may frequently change as we adapt to changing guidelines.

We are working diligently to stay healthy and available to guide you through this unprecedented time. We recognize our call volumes, wait times, and routine practices may be strained for a bit and ask for your patience. We will continue to steadfastly work as we partner together to meet the changing needs of our community.

Canyon View Medical Group