Caring for our Community

Canyon View Medical Group has cared for the residents of South Utah County since 1957. Learn what it was like in the "early days" from one of Canyon View's long time patients.

Caring for Our Community


Canyon View Medical Group has cared for the residents of southern Utah County since 1957.

We thought it would be fun to hear from one of the clinic’s early patients, Lucille Taylor. Lucille is the mother of Canyon View Family Medicine physician, John Taylor, MD.

Dr. Taylor recently sat down with his mother and asked her about her clinic experiences. Dr. Taylor mentioned that though his mom has lost some of her hearing as she has gotten older, her memory is NOT a problem.

Dr. Taylor: “What is your first memory of the Spanish Fork Clinic?”

Lucille: “I remember when Nick (Enoch Ludlow, MD) came back to practice. He started seeing patients in his home on the 1st East. The community felt like one of their own had “come home”. He and his family were old Spanish Forkers, and very involved in raising sheep.”

“His wife Caroline acted as his assistant, and they later moved into an office on 4th North, and then to Center Street.”

Dr. Taylor: “How has Spanish Fork changed over the years?”

Lucille:  “There are just so many people here now. Spanish Fork was very rural; people farmed, raised sheep. I remember we had a dinner group that would get together once a month. The host would select a topic and often invite a speaker. For one of Nick and Caroline’s first turns at hosting, they took us all on an overnight campout at the sheep camp. Nick was a brilliant doctor but never lost his connection to the people and the land.”

(Pictured: John Taylor, MD and his mother Lucille Taylor.)

Dr. Taylor: “What other memories do you have of the Spanish Fork Clinic?”

Lucille: “The night before you were born, I was having strong labor pains but didn’t want to bother Nick. I called their home just after sunrise and Caroline said, “Oh no. Nick took the boys to Kaysville to show sheep. Nick hurried back but missed your birth.”

“I always felt I was under the care of people I knew, people who were friends and neighbors.   When Nick retired, he introduced me to Dr. Takasaki and he has continued that friendly, neighborly tradition of excellent care.”

“A few years ago, my heart had a rhythm problem.  I was working in the yard and almost passed out. I sat in the dirt in the garden for a while, and when I could get up I washed my face and walked 5 blocks to the clinic. I almost didn’t make it, I was so dizzy and short of breath. At the desk, I said “I…. Need… To… See…. Dr. Takasaki”.

“He was in the waiting room in less than a minute and got me taken care of.  After I was feeling better, he offered to drive me home. When I think of Canyon View Medical Group and the Spanish Fork Clinic, that is what I think of… the personal touches, the sense that I am cared for by friends.”

“It is nice to know doctors who also do things with the community. Dr. Tracy Frandsen is involved with Rotary.  Nick was a scoutmaster for years, was the mayor of Spanish Fork. Many of you have volunteered time with and served as leaders in our church.  The doctors at your clinic are not just doing a job, you are caring for your neighbors in lots of ways.”

Dr. Taylor: “Are you proud that I joined Canyon View Medical Group?”

Lucille: “I felt relieved. I wanted you to have a good career and to be happy, and I knew I could trust Nick and David and Roman and Tracy.  You were another Spanish Fork boy coming home.”

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John Taylor, MD

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