Dental Health and Pregnancy

Oral and dental health is an often-overlooked part of a healthy pregnancy. While women often avoid seeing a dentist for treatment or a hygienist for cleanings out of concern for their growing baby, it is not only safe to be seen for regular cleanings and dental work; it is also recommended.

Pregnancy and COVID-19

While pregnancy can be a joyous time in your life, it can also bring nervousness and uncertainty. This is especially true during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many pregnant women have questions about how COVID-19 may affect their pregnancy or their baby.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Recent unintentional exposure to foodborne illness by local food franchises creates an opportunity to remind women of good food practices. Pregnant women are more likely to get sick from food sources or potentially introduce harmful pathogens to their unborn child because they naturally have a slightly suppressed immune system during pregnancy.