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Edit Your Life (Part 1)

School buses, tardy bells, backpacks, lunch boxes and No. 2 pencils all remind us of school and schedules. This time of year comes with some excitement and perhaps some dread, as the promise of challenging our children (or ourselves) to learn new things also bring the potential for improvement and growth. This is a natural...
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Breast Cancer Screening Facts (Part 2)

Mammograms detect approximately 85% of breast cancers. If there is an area that can't be seen clearly you may need additional testing. How does a radiologist use a mammogram? Watch Breast Cancer Screening Facts (Part 2) to learn more from Canyon View Women's Care provider Kristen Wright, FNP.

Teaching Happiness

When asked what we want most in life, the majority of us will reply that we want to be happy... So how can we be happy? And, just as important, how can we “teach” happiness to our children?

When Should I Get A Mammogram?

Many of us know a loved one diagnosed with cancer. It can be life-changing and terrifying to receive that news. While cancer is one of the top causes of death in our country, the good news is that you have the power to change the odds through cancer screenings, such as mammograms. What age should...
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